Conquering My Fear of Heights


I was raised by conservative parents when it came to the great outdoors. We took a ton of family trips – including visiting every state on the East Coast by the time I was 15! When it came to outdoor activities, however, that was a different story. My family’s idea of camping was setting up a tent in our small backyard and having the luxury to run inside to use the bathroom.

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Keyboards: The Key to My Heart


We’re all typists, really.

Chances are, if you spend the majority of your work day hanging out on a laptop, then you’re probably typing a whole lot. Text is increasingly favored over verbal communication, and for many of us, it’s the medium in which our craft manifests. The ubiquity of text-based communication has made honing our typing skills more relevant than ever.
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In Pursuit of Power


As a software developer, I spend a lot of my day sitting at a desk, fingers poised over a keyboard. For office workers like me, finding ways to incorporate exercise in your day is critical to protecting your ability to write clean code for years to come. This is the story of how I got started with powerlifting.

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8 Things Your Teacher Friends Could Probably Use


As a former high school teacher, I tend to think of the year in terms of the academic calendar. To me, January still feels like the middle of the year– just about the time I’d start to notice that there were some useful items I was running low on. If you happen to know a teacher, then check out this list of 8 simple things they could probably use right about now!

Bonus: You probably have a lot of these items already laying around your house!

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Misadventures in Magic Deckbuilding


If you’ve been reading the Wistia blog regularly for a few years now, there’s a chance that you remember a not-so-recent post I wrote about my love for Magic: the Gathering (the collectible card game). Well, I’m back to write about Magic yet again, but this time in a much more in-depth way. Fair warning: this is geared toward people familiar with playing the game of Magic, at least a little bit, so be forewarned!

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An Icelandic Adventure


“We’re staying in a guesthouse,” she said, adjusting her earrings in the mirror.

“A what?” I asked. I was shaving, and trying (in vain) to avoid slicing my chin open.

“A guesthouse,” she repeated. “You stay in a local’s house. They cook for you, help you with recommendations,
that sort of thing.”

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The Secret Sidekicks of History


History is all about perspective – but what happens when you turn that perspective on its head?

Have you ever wondered what those unsung heroes were like? I’m talking about the folks that influenced some of the most notable figures in history today, ever so stealthily. You’ll discover that these brothers, mothers, cousins, neighbors, and friends all had stories of their own.

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City Biking Like a Pro


Biking on the mean streets of Boston can, understandably, be a terrifying experience as a new cyclist. It’s frightening enough as a driver or pedestrian; subtract some armor and add some speed, and you’ve got what feels like a recipe for smashed limbs and utter disaster. I’ve felt your feelings! But I’ve been biking in Boston for about 8 years now, and it’s hard for me to imagine life without a two-wheeled companion to get me around town.

Here are a few simple suggestions for survival!

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