What to Wear for a Wistia Winter


Do you remember the winter we had last year in Boston? I’m still scarred by it myself. If you lived in New England in 2014, chances are, you are, too. In case you forgot just what went down, let me remind you.

The snowbanks were taller than me…

…Boston broke some snowfall records


…and everything was #blizztacular.

In preparation for what might be another very snowy winter, I wanted to walk through some essentials for what to wear during those frigid days – the Wistia way.

Let’s break it down.  


Bean Boots

Bean Boots are essential. They are the number one Wistia staple of Wistia staples. I can tell mine apart from the rest because they’re from the kids section.

Ski socks

I don’t ski, unlike the majority of the team here at Wistia. I do, however, ski sock. They’re a must-have for trudging through several feet of wet snow.

Lined pants

If there’s one thing you won’t regret in life, it’s owning  lined pants. It feels like you’re constantly sitting on a cloud. A very, very warm cloud.

Wistia hoodies

Stop by Wistia HQ on any given day during snow season and you’ll see at least 25% of us rocking the Wistia hoodie. It’s basically a requirement.

Circle scarfs

The bigger, the better. The goal is to only have your eyes poking out after this puppy is on. We’re talking full-coverage here.

Giant puffy jackets

If your winter jacket doesn’t go from the top of your head down to your ankles, you’re doing it wrong. Wind WILL find it’s way into any and all openings, so when you’re jacket shopping this season, better spring for the biggest jacket possible.

Winter hats

This is your opportunity to show how hip you are. Whether you choose a baggy beanie or a fur topped hat, cover them ears and immediately reap the benefits, both aesthetically and practically.

What’s your favorite piece of winter attire?

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