8 Things Your Teacher Friends Could Probably Use


As a former high school teacher, I tend to think of the year in terms of the academic calendar. To me, January still feels like the middle of the year– just about the time I’d start to notice that there were some useful items I was running low on. If you happen to know a teacher, then check out this list of 8 simple things they could probably use right about now!

Bonus: You probably have a lot of these items already laying around your house!

Screen Shot 2016-01-07 at 2.41.57 PM

Used Pencils: One of the greatest gifts I ever received was a big box of used school supplies  (thanks, Nicole!). This included a bag of old pencils– it was the perfect gift. Does your student need a pencil? Don’t worry, now you’ve got a gallon ziplock bag FULL OF THEM.

Kleenex: Cold season? Allergy season? Just a random day? Tissues are always necessary! The bulk tissues we’d get were usually pretty rough to the touch, so a box of Kleenex tissues was like a dream come true! They also get used up fast, so giving your teacher friend an extra two or three or…ten boxes will be much appreciated.

Backup Lunches: Teachers are pros when it comes to eating as fast as possible; 30 minutes or less. On occasion, I’d forget my lunch. After making that mistake a few times, I realized the big need for backup lunches! The best things take little preparation, like instant oatmeal, soups-in-a-cup, cereal, and granola bars.

Screen Shot 2016-01-07 at 2.29.55 PM

Calculator: You know that old scientific calculator you keep in the back of your desk drawer that you rarely (if ever) use? Your math teacher friend could use it! I had a small collection of old calculators, ready to lend to any student who forgot theirs.

Extra Storage: Your teacher friend might need a little more file space for the rest of the school year. A Dropbox upgrade or another USB flash drive does the trick!

Books: I used to keep a few fiction and nonfiction books in my classroom, but by midyear, the kids who borrowed them had already gone through my small collection. Remember that old novel you’ve read a bunch of times already? It could be the new addition to your friend’s classroom library!

Screen Shot 2016-01-07 at 2.36.38 PM

Color Copy Paper or Cardstock: Depending on the school, your teacher friend might only get supplied with white copy paper, and even that might be limited. A ream of colorful copy paper was helpful when printing out things that needed to stand out a bit, like sets of instructions, templates, etc.  

Giftcards: Surprise your teacher friend with a giftcard to their favorite coffee shop, and they can enjoy a treat while grading and lesson planning 🙂

If you were a teacher, what other supplies would you need to get you through the year?

2 thoughts on “8 Things Your Teacher Friends Could Probably Use

    • sarah-mei

      Stickers (and stamps) are definitely IN, across all grade levels – even 12th graders! Most popular were stickers/stamps that were robot themed and ice cream themed.


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