Conquering My Fear of Heights


I was raised by conservative parents when it came to the great outdoors. We took a ton of family trips – including visiting every state on the East Coast by the time I was 15! When it came to outdoor activities, however, that was a different story. My family’s idea of camping was setting up a tent in our small backyard and having the luxury to run inside to use the bathroom.

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8 Things Your Teacher Friends Could Probably Use


As a former high school teacher, I tend to think of the year in terms of the academic calendar. To me, January still feels like the middle of the year– just about the time I’d start to notice that there were some useful items I was running low on. If you happen to know a teacher, then check out this list of 8 simple things they could probably use right about now!

Bonus: You probably have a lot of these items already laying around your house!

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Welcome to Non Sequitur Fridays

Each week we’ll feature a new story from a fellow Wistian right here. From posts on competitive air guitar to how to freeze your food, we’ve got you covered. Our first post will be this Friday, October 16th. Be sure to keep an eye out for new posts on Facebook and Twitter by following #nonsequiturfridays!