Misadventures in Magic Deckbuilding


If you’ve been reading the Wistia blog regularly for a few years now, there’s a chance that you remember a not-so-recent post I wrote about my love for Magic: the Gathering (the collectible card game). Well, I’m back to write about Magic yet again, but this time in a much more in-depth way. Fair warning: this is geared toward people familiar with playing the game of Magic, at least a little bit, so be forewarned!

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An Icelandic Adventure


“We’re staying in a guesthouse,” she said, adjusting her earrings in the mirror.

“A what?” I asked. I was shaving, and trying (in vain) to avoid slicing my chin open.

“A guesthouse,” she repeated. “You stay in a local’s house. They cook for you, help you with recommendations,
that sort of thing.”

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The Secret Sidekicks of History


History is all about perspective – but what happens when you turn that perspective on its head?

Have you ever wondered what those unsung heroes were like? I’m talking about the folks that influenced some of the most notable figures in history today, ever so stealthily. You’ll discover that these brothers, mothers, cousins, neighbors, and friends all had stories of their own.

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City Biking Like a Pro


Biking on the mean streets of Boston can, understandably, be a terrifying experience as a new cyclist. It’s frightening enough as a driver or pedestrian; subtract some armor and add some speed, and you’ve got what feels like a recipe for smashed limbs and utter disaster. I’ve felt your feelings! But I’ve been biking in Boston for about 8 years now, and it’s hard for me to imagine life without a two-wheeled companion to get me around town.

Here are a few simple suggestions for survival!

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Welcome to Non Sequitur Fridays

Each week we’ll feature a new story from a fellow Wistian right here. From posts on competitive air guitar to how to freeze your food, we’ve got you covered. Our first post will be this Friday, October 16th. Be sure to keep an eye out for new posts on Facebook and Twitter by following #nonsequiturfridays!